Agnus Dei is a Shakespearean tragedy. Compelling and at the end devastating. Forbidden love, forbidden life, forbidden dreams. Having lived in a war zone where loving the wrong person could mark one for death, this film had greater impact. Still, my foray seems pale against what these warring neighbors endure. Hate has to be taught and the Serbs and Albanians learned that lesson too well. This dark film illuminates this superbly.
The Biblical names of Peter and Mary become haunting--as were the performances. Cinematography and lighting conveyed the dark realm and futility of war. The shot of Mom and sister reflected in the window at the end was inspired and chilling. The only scene I found off was the Mom/deserter scene when the camera went back and forth. I totally understand the intent, but I thought it was just too much. To me, that was the only flaw. This is what filmmaking is about. When I see Foreign Films nominated for an Oscar, this one should be on the list.

Bill Nelson, North Carolina Film Review

Sometime the best way to tell story of something big is by making the story small. The filmmakers have wisely chosen this path, exploring the meaning of the Serbian-Albanian war through the perspective of one family on both sides of the line. A very well made film with terrific performances.

Leslee Scallou, DWF - Los Angeles

Combine Greek Tragedy and Russian War Epics, and you will have Agnus Dei. This is an amazing story, told extremely well. Astrit Alihajdaraj is a talent to be treasured.

Robert Mellette, Los Angeles

Sopi's directing is brilliant, capturing the ugliness of war and the lost of one man's ability to cope with what he has done. Astrit Alihajdaraj was Peter, no question about it. When I was watching the film, all I saw was Peter, not an actor. Dafina Berisha (with her mouth dropping beauty) was amazing in the film, propelling Peter to finally do the right thing.

Philip Castor – Fangoria, San Jose


‘Agnus Dei’ - What an incredible film! I was personally so immersed in each scene, the characters and the structure of the story.

Michael Rabehl – Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose

‘Agnus Dei’ is a movie that take you away and leaves you breathless. After you have seen it, it makes you wordless and awakes inside of you the desire to watch it again and again. And continuously it immerses you deeper and deeper until the infinity of different esthetical and meaningful stratifications.

Diego Gonzales, Cinemas Around the World, Montevideo

Agnus Dei has valuable messages, making it an important document with high cinematographic quality.

Clara Isasmendi – Argentina FICIP , Buenos Aires

This film totally captivated me, from the vivid characters, to the sparkling action, to great pacing, and brilliant direction. Very touching tragedy reminiscent of Sophocles Oedipus the King. Wonderful film. Very sad. Well crafted. For a story completely foreign to an American audience, I think you did well with portraying the various sides. It is so foreign to me I could not even tell when a different language was spoken. I loved the cinematography and the use of light. It did get me emotional at the end - as it was supposed to.
Ben David

A classic tragedy. Very well executed. The pacing and the performances combined with the score and the polished camera work are captivating.
The English subtitles need a little grammatical work and occasionally get out of sync, making the dialogue difficult to follow. Otherwise, great.

Anthony Dowling, ENO River Media – USA


Rruga e Mitrovices nr.17
10 000 Prishtinë – Kosovë
tel. ++ 377 44 110 548, 038 245 557

Born 1956 in Prishtina is an award-winning Kosovar Director and Scriptwriter / more than 50 awards across the world/.
He attended the University of Zagreb (Croatia). He has graduated on the Academy of Arts, the branch of directing the film.
He is the professor of The Film Theory in Faculty of Arts - Prishtina University.

F i l m o g r a p h y

The documentary films:
The waiting (1980),
The midnight guards (1981),
Beyond the death (1999).

The Tv-films:
The Pelerine (1982),
The flower of love (1988),
The Tower (1990).
The autumn of roses (2000).

The feature films:
The man of earth (1984),
Anathema (2006),
Agnus Dei (2013)

He has written these scenario for feature films:
The Pelerine (according to the same name of the novel of D. Buzzati), The Blind-man ( the adoption of the novel of D. H. Lawrence), The man of earth, The tower, Terra Nichil, Baby Lee, Anathema, Agnus Dei, The beautiful face of the world which cry, Rahela.


Mitrovica str. # 17, 10000 Prishtina – KOSOVA
Tel. +381 38 245 557      Fax. +381 38 244 236



a) Movie title
Original: AGNUS DEI     English: AGNUS DEI    Web:

b). Movie genre
Feature film: Year of production: 2013 . Length: 111’ minutes - 2316 meters

c). Date of first public projection
First screening; January 17, 2013

d). Festivals /in official selection
1. Agnus Dei has been part of more than 110 International Film Festivals across the world.


a) Name of film producer Producer: Agim Sopi      Executive producer: Milazim Salihu

b) Producing company
Name: AS Film Production – Prishtina
Address: Mirovica str. # 17 – 10 000 Prishtina – Kosovo
City: Prishtina       Country: Kosovo – Europe
Phone: +381 38 245 557   Fax: +381 38 244 234   E-mail:

c) Sale company Name: ITN Distribution    Address: 9663 Santa Monica Bvld. No. 859
City: Beverly Hills, CA 90210     Country: USA Phone: 702 882 6926   Fax: 877 691 3456   Web:


a) Film director
Name: Agim Sopi
Place and date of birth: Prishtina – Kosovo (23.07.1956)
Adress: Mother Teresa str. #21 – 10 000 Prishtina – Kosovo
Phone: +377 44 110 548     Fax: +381 38 244 238     E-mail:

b) Authors
b) Author of the original subject: Agim Sopi
c) Script-writer: Agim Sopi
d) Composer: Mendi Mengjiqi
e) Director of photography: Menduh Nushi
f) Set designer: Afrim Gora
g) Editor: Agron Vula


1. Performer: ASTRIT ALIHAJDARAJ Character: Peter
2. Performer: DAFINA BERISHA Character: Beautiful Maria
3. Performer: ZAKLINA OSTIR Character: Mother Maria
4. Performer: ENVER PETROVCI Character: Commander Vojvoda
5. Performer: ÇUN LAJQI Character: Sergeant Vuk
6. Performer: BISLIM MUÇAJ Character: Din Sokojeva
7. Performer: BLERIM GJOCI Character: Mema
8. Performer: LUMNIE SOPI Character: Mema’s wife


  1. Size for the screening movie: 35 mm 1:1,85 (24 images-second) or DCP
  2. Sound: Dolby digital

Rating: 14+


Prodhuar nga / Product by


Me mbështetjen e / supported by

Astrit Alihajdaraj
Dafina Berisha

Zhaklina Oshtir
Enver Petrovci

Çun Lajçi
Bajrush Mjaku

Blerim Gjoci
Bislim Muçaj

Aurita Agushi
Lumnie Sopi

Mentor Zymberaj
Ismet Azemi

Vedat Haxhislami
Selam Jusufi

Ramadan Malaj
Avni Abazi

Naser Shatrolli
Mehmet Breznica

Agron Shala
Naser Gashi

Selman Lokaj
Luan Daka

Selami Taraku
Adem Mikullovci

Riona Sopi
Mrike Zymberaj

Kumrije Hoxha
Igballe Qena

Zeta Gimolli
Fatos Berisha

Devoll Oseku
Xhensila Muhaxiri

Kastriot Saqipi
Mevlyd Osmani

Sylejman Lokaj
Violete Kabashi

Fidan Jupolli
Arsim Haliti

Nuhi Matoshi
Avdullah Gjikoka

Fatime Llugiqi
Senad Abdyli

Nuhi Matoshi
Luan Kryeziu

Crew of the authors / Ekipi autorial

Dizajner zëri / Sound designe
Igor Popovski

Dizajner dritash / Light designer
Marijan Spasovski

Montazhi /Editing
Agron Vula

Kostumograf / Costumes designer
Samka Ferri

Skenograf /Art designer
Afrim Gora

Dramaturg /Dramaturges
Petrit Imami

Kompozitor /Composer
Mendi Mengjiqi

Producent ekzekutiv /Executive producer
Milazim Salihu

Ndihmës regjisori /Second units director
Arsim Haliti

Producent /Producer
Agim Sopi

Drejtor i fotografisë /Director of photography
Menduh Nushi

Skenari dhe regjia / Screenplay and director
Agim Sopi

Technical crew / Ekipi teknik

Departamenti i zërit / Sound department
Pavle Zivković – sound master
Darko Boškovski – micro man

Departamenti i dritave / Lighting department
Zlatko Dimeski
Nazmi Sopi

Departamenti i kameres / Camera department
Fejim Daut – follow focus
Taulant Veselaj - assistant
Isak Duraku - assistant

Udhëheqës teknik / Technical leader
Ejup Hyseni

Departamenti teknik / Technical department
Uran Duli – gaffer
Shukri Aliu
Riza Syla

Menagjer tereni / Location manager
Valmira Hyseni
Adriana Morina

Organizator / Organizer
Basri Shala
Nexhmi Mehmeti

Fotograf / Photography
Fejim Daut

Efektet speciale / Special effects
Asllan Hyseni

Grimi / Make up
Bujat Gjashta

Rekuizita / Requisites
Agim Sylejmani

Garderobier /Gardrobers
Besnik Pacolli
Habib Krasniqi

Asistent montazhi / Assistant of editing
Burbuqe Berisha

Asistent skenografie / Assistant of art designer
Burim Gora

Realizator I kostumeve / Costume realisation
Fadil Sahiti

Asistente e kostumografes / Assistant of costume designer
Lumjetë Havolli

Elektricist / Electricity
Nazmi Sopi

Administrator / Administrator
Fehmi Neziri